Four artist residencies are available for the summer of 2016 in the Aspen, Colorado, area. But the deadline for applications is soon.

Lead Image: “Across the Valley II,” by Richard White, 2010, oil on linen. White was an Artist in Wilderness participant in 2010.

Applications to secure one of the four weeklong slots in the Artist in Wilderness residencies are due by November 30. Participants have to be capable of hiking and living in the backcountry around Aspen, and willing to donate one piece created during the residency. There is a stipend and travel allowance. In 2016, the emphasis will be on materials involving wood, glass, clay, and stone. There is a $25 entry fee. Traditionally, Wilderness Workshop, the sponsor, has chosen one Colorado artist for the foursome.

For more information and to enter, go here.


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