Artists working on the group painting
Artists working on the group painting

By Brittany Scott

Inspired Arts League believes in the power of art to inspire hope and we empower artists to create more meaningful work, and then help them share it with the world. We gathered a group of top-tier artists (Jeremy Lipking, Josh Clare, Mike Malm, Richie Carter, Quang Ho, Adrienne Stein, Albin Veselka, Glenn Beck, Brittany Scott, Pramod Kurlekar, and Suchitra Bhosle) for a workshop this past July. There, we incorporated both morning and sunset plein air sessions, taught one another, and learned from others.

At the workshop, we created a large plein air painting together. With the only prompt being “overcoming,” we were set free to come together and decide what the story would be.

As we began to paint, rain started pouring down and a summer storm came on immediately and intensely. It cleared within 30 minutes, and the colors and light were absolutely gorgeous. It was incredible to both participate in and watch as the artists more thoughtfully created our large mural painting as we had to overcome the obstacle of the storm while we tried to paint – I have one video of rain trickling down the canvas in the tent as we worked.

The 4 x 8' painting was finished in two hours from concept to finish by 11 artists.
The 4 x 8′ painting was finished in two hours from concept to finish by 11 artists.

The muse for the mural landscape was the vista directly to our right outside the tent – it was our view for many of the trainings throughout the workshop, so we had a lot of time to watch the light move and change across the hills; the light in the painting reflected the experiences we had with the light at the workshop.

We as artists have a greater responsibility to inspire. Often, we focus on our craft, striving after something akin to Michelangelo’s David, but the impact his work had on the world far exceeded the life of Michelangelo. We as artists living today have that same calling to inspire with our work.

Inspired Arts League plein air painting
A moment from one of the July ’23 plein air painting sessions

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