The oil paintings of Joseph McGurl and Michael Klein are powerful cogitations on the rhythms of life.
Collins Galleries in Orleans, Massachusetts, in Cape Cod, is currently hosting a group exhibition that centers on the cyclical nature life of life on earth, from the first light of day through the last rays of a setting sun. “Dusk ‘til Dawn” displays the impressive talents of the gallery’s artists, who have established themselves among the best in contemporary representational painting.

Travis Schlaht, “Dawn,” oil on linen, 20 x 16 in. Collins Galleries

Pamela Pindell, “Natalia,” bronze, 34 in. Collins Galleries
“Dusk ‘til Dawn” features paintings by gallery favorites William Bartlett, Marc Dalessio, Jay Davenport, William R. Davis, Russell Gordon, Thomas B. Higham, Michael Klein, Joseph McGurl, Mark Wilson Meunier, and Travis Schlaht, as well as guest artists Paul Oxborough and Alice Mongeau. A bronze figurative sculpture by Pamela Pindell rounds out the exhibition with a three-dimensional presence.

Jay Davenport, “Night Owl,” oil on panel, 16 x 12 in. Collins Galleries
The following verses from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Song I” accompany the “Dusk ‘til Dawn” catalogue:
“Every day hath its night:
Every night its morn:
Through dark and bright
Winged hours are borne.”
As Tennyson explored the same theme in lyric, so the represented artists capture the arrival and departure of light – and all the happenings in between – that signal a day, offering meditations on life’s rhythmic, perpetual energy.

Michael Klein, “Empty Clothesline,” oil on linen, 19 x 25 in. Collins Galleries
The exhibition continues through August 29. To learn more, visit Collins Galleries online.


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