Joe Sanabria has a job many would sell their left arm to get. But even the best jobs require some time off to do something different, like paint en plein air.

Lead Image: Joe Sanabria’s gouache sketch of a Southern California scene

Sanabria is a concept artist, designing characters and environments for games, films, and other media. That job is considered the top of the food chain in some parts of the animation world. But even the best job is a job, and even the happiest worker needs a break. When Sanabria needs a break, he paints outdoors. As with this piece.

“Since I tend to work on concept illustrations, working outdoors is a nice mental break,” he says. “Time flies, and I feel even though I’m taking a break, I’m in some ways cross-training. But most of all I enjoy the freedom one has when doing art for fun and having no set expectations, from myself or others.”


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