Ernie Dollman couldn’t find anything to paint. So he just painted anything. And he ended up with a picture he was quite fond of.

Lead Image: “Stones of Yavapai,” by Ernie Dollman, 2015, oil on panel, 8 x 10 in.

Dollman was exploring an area outside of Kingman, Arizona, heading toward the Hualapai Mountains, looking for a view to paint. “It was one of those days where nothing really appealed to me for a subject, so rather than waste the day and head home, I chose to paint this old rock,” he says. “As the picture unfolded, and the rock looked like a rock, I became more enthused. The middle distance and far distance elements just about painted themselves. This is one of those pictures that came more spontaneously than most. No planning or design preparation, I just started to lay it in.”

What Dollman was seeing as he painted “Stones of Yavapai”
What Dollman was seeing as he painted “Stones of Yavapai”


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