This kookaburra landed and lingered on Janice Orchard’s painting one day recently along the Calliope River in Queensland, Australia.

Not everyone would be thankful that a bird chose to perch on his or her painting. But not everyone paints in Australia. 

Janice Orchard had this kookaburra land and loiter around her painting for nearly 30 minutes recently, and she was charmed—and glad. The reason?

“I am always pleased to have this native bird around me when painting en plein air as kookaburras are great snake catchers and Australia has some of the deadliest snakes in the world,” says Orchard. “When the kookaburras are around, the snakes aren’t. I would rather have a kookaburra on my easel than a snake round my feet any day. 

Take a moment to hear the sound of the kookaburra.


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