– Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today –

Robert Bohne likes to start some of his artwork in the front seat of his SUV, and finish it in bed. Like this piece.

Lead Image: A charcoal piece that messed up Robert Bohne’s linens

“I always travel with a sketchbook next to me on the front seat,” says the Pennsylvania artist. “I sketch while waiting for traffic lights to change, and if I see something that really excites me, I’ll pull over and do a more detailed sketch. That was the case with this. If I really like it, I take it to the next level as I did with this. What I’ve found is that once I have the design and structure of the drawing, I like to remove myself from the actual scene and improvise the drawing using my imagination. I usually prop myself up in bed, adding and subtracting until I get what I’m after. The downside of this is ending up with sheets and pillowcases stained with charcoal … a cheap price to pay for a good drawing.”


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