– Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today –

It’s not just for shade anymore.

Lead Image: Jan Norsetter fishes out her runaway painting. Photo by Diane Washa.

Jan Norsetter was participating in the Theodore Robinson Plein Air Competition, in Evansville, Wisconsin, when her easel fell over and her painting went into Lake Leota. Did she despair? No, she unscrewed her shade umbrella and scooped it out.

“I had only just started,” says Norsetter, “so there wasn’t much to it. The gessoed panel is fineI had sealed five of its sides with gesso. It wasn’t in the water long, so I will be able to paint on it. The algae was so thick it didn’t sink. I started a different panel so I could let the ‘swimmer’ dry out.”

“My first thought was that I was littering! I was relieved when I realized I could retrieve it.”


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