– Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today –

She’d always wanted to do it. This year, she did. Gloria Chadwick went to Comic-Con.

Lead Image: Finding fun and challenging plein air painting locations is Gloria Chadwick’s superpower.

She arrived at Comic-Con International in San Diego early in the morning one day, and went through the interesting process of painting three-dimensional treatments of two-dimensional characters — on a two-dimensional substrate. Translation: Chadwick painted giant inflated Powerpuff Girls that were tethered and floating over the water in the plaza outside the San Diego Convention Center.

“As you rode in on the trolley, you were greeted by them floating over the water,” says Chadwick. “I’m a lot older than a lot of those kids attending Comic-Con. But they change the characters every year, and it is so much fun. I just decided to do it this year.”


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