Florida artist Cory Wright captured one of her family’s favorite spots while vacationing at their East Tennessee log cabin. She explains the significance of the rocking chairs for our readers, below.

Lead Image: “Rock On,” by Cory Wright, 2015, oil on museum board, 8 x 10 in.

“The morning light was casting interesting shadows around this group of rocking chairs, creating great shapes — and I was feeling ambitious,” says Wright. “My family tends to spend a lot of time rocking in these chairs whenever we all get together. In fact, it’s kind of what being at the cabin is all about. In the mornings we drink our coffee, watch the sun rise, and ‘solve the problems of the world’ as we slowly rock back and forth. In the evenings we sip wine and watch the kids play in the grass below, doing cartwheels and catching fireflies, as we rock on.”

See Wright’s latest paintings here.


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