There’s little doubt that Cory Wright nailed the values and the colors on this work in progress, as this photo shows. Wright reveals that she couldn’t resist snapping a photo like this because of her background.

“It’s funny — for the past 20 years I’ve specialized in painting trompe l’oeil murals,” she says. “Now that I’ve been doing more plein air painting, I find I still can’t resist a little ‘trick of the eye.'”

The piece was painted at the base of the Laurel-Snow hiking trail, in Dayton, Tennessee. “I painted it one afternoon last week while my husband took our two kids on a five-mile hike to the falls and back,” recalls Wright. “They were gone for about four hours, yet it seemed like the blink of an eye to me!”


  1. Dennis…All the photos of the competition paintings are in the web site of the Gallery Mountainside in Carmel. It takes some clicking but they are all there. Anne

  2. The AIS, a topnotch organization, and Plein Air Magazine and Stephen Doherty , what a great combination. Thank you for supporting representational fine art.

    Clay Whitelaw, Richland Fine Art.


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