Stan Moeller painting at the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

While many of us are painting our local parks, people, and plebeian buildings, some of us are painting … Paris. Stan Moeller paused amid his plein air painting to send back a few images of him working in the City of Light. We promise not to be too jealous.

“Time at the Musée d’Orsay,” by Stan Moeller, 2013, oil on linen panel, 14 x 11 in. Moeller painted this piece of his wife last year and returned this year for another version of the scene.

“Jardin des Tuileries,” by Stan Moeller, oil, 14 x 18 in.

Moeller travels extensively and paints along the way, be it Florence, France, or Maine. The artist teaches plein air workshops on Monhegan Island and elsewhere.


  1. I agree! I don’t mind seeing a few photos of people, BUT only if there are accompanying photos showing artwork related to those people!

  2. Don & Dennis,
    Some groups don’t want me to announce award winners until there has been a formal awards presentation. I try to show paintings whenever I can because I want to see them too. Thanks, Steve


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