A painting by Wyllis Heaton of the Gaviota area

For the very first time, a resort in Goleta, California, has invited members of Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment (S-C-A-P-E) to exhibit paintings, in an effort to help benefit the Naples Coalition and Gaviota Coast Conservancy. Find out when it will happen.

The Bacara Resort & Spa is right along the Gaviota Coast in Goleta, California, and for the very first time, it will open its doors to plein air artists, who will paint the coastline in order to help raise money and awareness about the need to preserve it. The event is scheduled for March 29 and 30, 2013. Members of S-C-A-P-E and photographer Reeve Woolpert will donate 40 percent of all sales to benefit the Naples Coalition and Gaviota Coast Conservancy.

A photograph by Reeve Woolpert titled “Home Sweet Home”

The area to be painted and photographed has been cited as “one of the 15 most biologically diverse and ecologically significant regions in the world.” All the art created will focus on the pristine coastline.

The Gaviota coastline, and the last 20 miles of undeveloped land along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

S-C-A-P-E was founded in 2002 and has grown to over 200 members. The organization’s goals are to hold exhibitions to help raise money to protect open spaces, to increase public awareness of environmental and conservation issues, and to promote camaraderie and provide education for artists. S-C-A-P-E has also invited nationally known artists to come to Santa Barbara to teach workshops, and organizes three or four juried exhibitions every year. Membership is open year-round. For more information, visit www.s-c-a-p-e.org.


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