Plein air artists
@zac_hampson Out painting today at toowoon bay, really enjoyed this painting! Had to give myself 1hr timer cause Av and I both wanted to get food , so i couldnt mess about to much and lose myself in the painting. However, the great thing about plein air painting is that whether or not you put an actual timer on yourself, there is always a clock ticking with the light forever fading away. I think thats probably one of my favourite things about painting outdoors is that timer, makes you have to pull every trick you have out of your sleeves and slam a great painting together.
When we asked for “selfies” during the recent rounds of #safeathome creative art prompts, these (and so many more) plein air artists delivered!
Plein air artists
Plein Air artists
Earlier this week I was playing paper dolls with my niece, Maddie. She looked up at me and said “Auntie Val, are you living your best life right now?” And I laughed because Adam’s mom always asks her this when they’re doing something extra special. Well guess what? I lived my VERY best life today, Maddie. 💛
Plein air artists
Cynthia wanted me to tell artist #AlisonLeighMenke that she was smiling, I’m pretty sure we can all see that she is 😁. Alison sends you a big air hug!
Plein air artists
Hi, This is Kelly Pennington aka @easeltravels. My studio is in Ada, OK or in the great outdoors. I spend time painting outside because that’s where I learn the most.
Practicing, pushing and problem solving when I have limitations helps me catch it without overthinking. All of my senses are reacting to the environment with brushes and paint.
Taking my art outside has always been enjoyable since 7th grade. I remember sitting on a picnic table drawing a pecan tree in my grandmother’s backyard. My favorite day of the school year was when we went outside to draw the school lagoon. I was lucky have an art teacher that encouraged us to draw from life.
Plein air artists
The last day of May captured en plein air👨‍🎨🎨. Don’t mind getting my hands dirty
Just for fun! We’re willing to count this as a “selfie” – Julie Davis, with her Plein Air Magazine article! 🙂
Plein Air Magazine
My copy of @pleinairmag arrived yesterday with @bob.bahr ‘s feature article about my experience painting in NYC last fall (before all this madness and sadness hit). I hope you’ll grab a copy (swipe for the cover—it’s the June/July issue), this is one of my favorite magazines and I’m bursting!
Last, but not least, here’s a bonus photo we loved from #PACE19 – it’s not a selfie, but it sure captures the moment of plein air.
Plein Air Convention for artists

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