Plein Air Convention & Expo
An artist stops painting for a moment to smile for the camera at a previous Plein Air Convention & Expo. Note that it’s a good idea to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat when painting outdoors.

Attending an art event such as the Plein Air Convention & Expo is life-changing for so many. We see it happen every time, and we expect 2022 to be a PACE to remember like no other. Here, Tish de la Bretonne shares 13 reasons to meet us in Santa Fe this spring. ~Cherie

13 Reasons to Meet Us in Santa Fe for the Plein Air Convention & Expo

For the past two years, we’ve been unable to get together in person for the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE).

That all changes in 2022 – we’re a GO for gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 17-21.

It will be so exciting to see old friends, make new ones, attend classes and presentations indoors throughout the day and then, as one big group, head outside to paint each day in the late afternoon.

PACE art supplies vendor hall
Explore the shopping in our vendor section with art supplies and more!

Here are some great reasons to meet up with us in Santa Fe:

  1. Learn from More than 80 of Today’s Top Artists from Around the World: Many of these artists don’t teach workshops anymore but will be live at PACE to show you the methods and techniques that have helped achieve monumental success in their art careers.
  2. The World’s Largest Paint-Out Events: Immediately put into practice what you’ve learned as we all head out each afternoon to paint on location. Best part? There will be field guides to help you out as you paint!
  3. Meet Famous Artists: Get to know the icons of painting and don’t be shy about asking to take a selfie with them! Instructors and field guides want nothing more than to see you leave PACE having become a much better and more confident artist.
  4. Fun Orientation Session: Open to all attendees and held right before the Grand Opening Ceremony, this is a chance to find out how PACE in Santa Fe will go. You’ll meet new people, review the beautiful printed program (maps, artist bios, info from our amazing sponsors and vendors, and so much more!). You’ll have a chance to match up with others for rides, play games, and win prizes!
  5. Watch Dozens of Painting Demonstrations: Each day includes demos on five stages — there’s specialty sessions for oil, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic. You can attend any of the sessions you’d like.
  6. Shop in the Expo Hall: Get all of the latest art gear and gadgets offered by our generous, top-notch vendors. Look for exclusive discounts from your favorites.
  7. Faculty and Attendee Art Show and Sale: This is a chance to buy amazing artwork at “friends and family” prices. You can also sell your own artwork by signing up for a spot in the sale.
  8. Art Marketing Boot Camp with Eric Rhoads: If you’d like to learn how to sell your artwork (or more of it), plan to get up early and join Eric for the latest and greatest art marketing tips and tools.
  9. Optional Pre-Convention Workshop: Get to Santa Fe a couple days early and join acclaimed artist Kevin Macpherson for an exciting pre-convention workshop. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
  10. Optional Basics/Refresher Course: A sell-out at each convention, this is a full day of learning or reviewing the basics of plein air painting. Be sure to check out the agenda and instructors for this highly interactive, hands-on workshop that will leave you with tons of inspiration and a wealth of new skills and techniques.
  11. Sessions from Morning to Night: You can attend as much or as little as you’d like … it’s all up to you!
  12. The Venue is Second to None: In 2018, we held PACE in Santa Fe at the same venue — the Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder Hotel. It was such a great place for all of our live stages and events, the vendor expo hall, the exclusive art showcase and sale, places to socialize … you name it. Many who attended asked us to return so that’s where we’ll be this year for our big reunion event.
  13. The Painting Opportunities Can’t Be Beat: Just wait until you see the locations we’ve picked for our outdoor paint-alongs. Come prepared to join us as we break world records for the most artists gathered in one place to paint in the great outdoors!
Plein Air Convention -
Joe McGurl, kicking off PACE 2019 with a popular pre-convention workshop

Because delays and cancellations have become part of our lives now, we offer a 100% Money Back “Peace of Mind” Guarantee. If, for any reason, we have to postpone or cancel PACE, or if you decide you don’t feel comfortable attending, just let us know. We’ll credit your ticket price to another event or gladly offer a prompt refund for every penny you paid. That’s not just our policy, it’s our promise to you.

We hope to see you in Santa Fe for PACE22! [learn more and register here for the Plein Air Convention & Expo]

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