Plein Air in Babywear!

A Plein Air Today Reader Spotlight

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty incredible ways to paint outdoors: from the side of a cliff; in below-freezing temperatures; and in remote corners of the globe.

Plein Air Today reader Megan Adland showed us how she takes it to another level by packing up her little ones when she ventures out to paint, and as someone who has raised two babies (now teens) myself, I tip my hat to this “extreme plein air painter!”

painting outdoors with children
Megan Aadland with one of her up-and-coming art assistants (or soon to be student!)

“Enjoying this lovely fall weather in Colorado with my six-month old-and my pochade box!
I’m an oil painter and mom of three who enjoys the extreme sport of painting outdoors, usually with at least one kiddo joining in on the fun. My baby carrier and small traveling palette make it possible!”
Megan Aadland

Megan’s advice for plein air painting with your baby on board:

  1. Do a test run at home first. It’ll help you figure out which supplies are unnecessary or needed. If your new to baby wearing, have someone help you get all the straps figured out.
  2. Pack as light as possible. I wear an apron with lots of pockets to hold brushes, rags, and gloves. Don’t forget your phone or camera to take some reference photos. I usually have to finish up at home.
  3. Time it right. Make sure your baby will be warm and happy (or ready to take a nap). It should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you!

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