If you’ve ever wondered how diverse and far-reaching the plein air culture is, look no further than a fantastic three-day event that began today.

Sponsored and created by Illume Gallery of Fine Art and with sister galleries, Authentique and Mission, in St. Geroge, Utah, “Where in the World Is…” (now in its fourth year) is an incredible plein air event open to anyone with a computer and Internet connection. On June 7, 8, and 9, more than 100 artists from around the globe will head outdoors to paint en plein air. However, the real kicker is that each of them will film their progress on a painting, posting a video each day detailing the artwork’s beginning, middle, and end.

Whether in the sun, shade, rain, or snow; morning, afternoon, or at night; all will be available for consumption. At the conclusion of the event, the paintings will be for sale on the event website. PleinAir magazine publisher B. Eric Rhoads offers his thoughts in this YouTube video:


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