Artists on Art (May/June 2018) cover art by James Earley
Artists on Art (May/June 2018) cover art by James Earley

The newly improved Artists on Art magazine is finally here! Our team, including yours truly, has been working for months to update everything about this beloved brand, including the website, the design work, and the app itself.

So what’s it all about? In each issue, master artists share their ideas and techniques through in-depth, interactive articles. In the May/June issue, for example, William Schneider shares an essay on “The Search for Excellence” and provides 11 ways to be a perpetual student; Dianne Massey Dunbar explains why she finds it so interesting to paint ordinary objects such as hot sauce bottles and raindrops; and outdoor painter Peggy Immel tells us how to plan to be spontaneous when painting en plein air.

Artists on Art magazine

“Studio landscape painters are often more vulnerable than seasoned outdoor painters to nature’s chaotic environment, and can be stymied about how to even start a plein air painting,” Immel says in her article. “Stories abound about folks who haul their monster easels and supplies out into their yards and paint for days on one tiny painting, only to be disappointed with the results. Plein air painting requires a mindset somewhat akin to that of a bareback bronc rider. The best plein air pieces start with a well-thought-out plan that is then executed spontaneously with an intuitive hand. Working for hours on a plein air piece is a formula to kill it. All freshness disappears.” (Read the full story when you subscribe to Artists on Art).

Visit the new site at to read the blog and learn how you can become an Ambassador for a chance to have your art featured in a newsletter!

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