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Artist as Collector: James Coe and the Mean Greens

New York State painter James Coe collects paintings that demonstrate good ways of tackling vexing painting problems — like presenting a variety of greens in a landscape.

Artist as Collector: Poppy Balser and ‘One Thing’

Nova Scotia artist Poppy Balser is partial to watercolor—her chosen medium—but she is also partial to demos she's seen painted in person. There's one other trait that attracts her to a piece she is considering for her collection.

Artist as Collector: Thomas Dunlay and Staying on Track

A few pieces in Boston painter Thomas Dunlay’s collection remind him to stay the course.

Artist as Collector: Mary Garrish and the Artist’s Choice

Florida painter Mary Garrish calls collecting art “a gut response” to what moves her. But she has another way to explain her choices, one that makes total sense.

Artist as Collector: Shelby Keefe, and For the Love of Cars

Wisconsin painter Shelby Keefe chooses paintings for her collection that reflect her goals — and if they feature cars, so much the better.
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Artist as Collector: Julie Riker

Julie Riker's collection of art is not large, but it sure is strong. Who's in it?

Artist as Collector: Brienne M. Brown and the Allure of Must-Have Paintings

For Brienne M. Brown, the reasons why she buys a painting for her collection vary, but one thing generally doesn’t — her feeling that she has to have it.

Artist as Collector: Monika Johnson, Finding Inspiration

When Monika Johnson sees someone doing what she tries to do, she finds it inspirational — and she buys the piece. Who’s in her collection?

Artist as Collector: Jill Basham

Maryland painter Jill Basham says she collects work by other artists that she thinks is beautiful. But she also does it to learn.

Artist as Collector: David Ohlerking Collects on His Daughter’s Behalf

David Ohlerking is on the road a lot, painting for himself and for commissions, and participating in artist residencies. But he still collects art — on behalf of his child.

Artist as Collector: Barry Koplowitz

Pennsylvania artist Barry Koplowitz collects art, but not many paintings. What moves him to pick the few he has?

Artist as Collector: Richard Abraham and Upper Midwestern Artists

What does Minnesota painter Richard Abraham have to say about his paintings by Neil Sherman, Stuart Loughridge, and Shelby Keefe? Upper Midwesterners, all.   Acquiring a...

Artist as Collector: Scott W. Prior

Scott W. Prior does not follow simple rules. And that extends to his art collecting as well. There is no single theme or trait...

Artist as Collector: Carol L. Douglas

The first painting on Carol L. Douglas’s list of favorite pieces in her collection is one she wanted to buy, but didn’t.   It’s an acrylic...

Artist as Collector: David Boyd, Jr.

Georgia artist David Boyd, Jr. says paintings of boats have a good chance of getting into his collection. So do pieces with personal connections.   Boyd...

Artist as Collector: Jean-Pierre Jacquet

For painter Jean-Pierre Jacquet, the pieces in his collection that are among his favorites are the ones that speak to him. What they often...

Artist as Collector: Tony D’Amico

Tracing the path that Tony D’Amico has taken thus far in his painting career is easier when you consider three choice pieces from his...

Artist as Collector: Rusty Jones

Texas artist Rusty Jones sees more than just a good painting when he looks at the pieces he’s collected from friends and acquaintances. He...

Artist as Collector: Randall Sexton

Randall Sexton had a hard time choosing which three paintings from his collection to talk about. “I have way more of other people’s work...

Artist as Collector: Scott Gellatly

For Scott Gellatly, collecting art is about personal connections. Which three paintings did he pull from his burgeoning collection?   “I think that as a collector,...