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John Pototschnik, “Haven’t Seen You in a While,” oil, 10.5 x 12.25 in., Available through Mary Williams Fine Arts

What’s your painting worth? John Pototschnik explains the six factors that determine how much you should sell your paintings for.

By John Pototschnik

Most people interested in art wonder how in the world artists establish their prices; what factors determine the worth of a painting, and what’s the best price to sell your paintings? There are at least six factors that can be easily identified:

1) Public demand for the artist’s work

2) Public identification with the artist’s name

3) Medium used (oil, watercolor, pencil, etc.)

4) Desirability of the subject matter

5) Size of the work

6) Quality of the art

To learn the reasons behind each of these factors, visit John Pototschnik’s blog at


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