Watercolor painting
"Angel Over Bethesda" (watercolor, 12 x 16 in.) The use of warm and cool neutral tones help to create depth and unify a fairly complicated painting.

The Beauty of Neutrals
By Dan Marshall

Neutrals, when used correctly, evoke a feeling of mood and quality of light that is unequaled. Your work can be brought to a higher level of harmony and sophistication that will touch the emotions of the viewer. A tonalist approach requires neutrals, a colorist’s approach should employ their use to accentuate the saturated colors.

From "Cityscapes in Watercolor"
From “Cityscapes in Watercolor”

Cityscapes in Watercolor ~ a PaintTube.tv workshop with Dan Marshall

Do you want your watercolors to look like they were painted by a master?

Do you want your watercolors to look like they were painted by a master?

Watercolor, with its rich pigments and wet-in-wet soft washes, is perfect for creating mood in your paintings. Join artist Dan Marshall as he shows you how to take advantage of watercolor’s most unique properties to create a sense of atmosphere in your work. Start in the studio where Dan explains the tools that help him create his award-winning paintings. You’ll learn how to handle your pigments more confidently by exploring the 5 thicknesses’ of watercolor paint. Dan shows you easy ways to practice atmospheric washes and practical ways to improve your linework. Plus you’ll learn compositions you can use on your very next painting.

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