Bhavani Krishnan, “The Great American Eclipse,” 2017, oil, 6 x 4 inches (from Dallas, Oregon)

Millions of Americans ventured outdoors on Monday, August 21, to witness the incredible total solar eclipse that swept across the nation from Oregon to South Carolina. Naturally, among them were plein air painters, eager to take advantage of this exceedingly rare artistic opportunity. The results?

Last week I sent out the call on social media and beyond for artists to send me their paintings of the great American eclipse. Those who answered are below! It’s not too late, either — if you send your works now, I can easily drop them in.

Sandra Hildreth, “Eclipse & Whiteface Mountain,” 2017, oil on canvas, 16 x 12 inches (Northern New York)
KR Ryder, “Eclipse Friends,” 2017, watercolor and ink on paper (painted at Cape Cod)
Lynda Pyka, “Reactions,” 2017, oil, 9 x 12 inches (painted at Cal Tech in Pasadena, CA)
Spencer Meagher, “Eclipse Behind the Shed,” 2017, watercolor, (from Rend Lake — south of Mount Vernon, Illinois)
Yvette Alvarado, “Eclipse,” 2017, watercolor (from New York City)
Mary Bassell, “Eclipse Sky,” 2017, pastel, 6 x 9 inches (from Ocracoke Island, North Carolina)
Celeste Bergin, “Eclipse,” 2017, oil, (from Mt. Tabor/Portland, Oregon)
Susie Hyer, “92% Eclipsed,” 2017, oil
Artist Gregory Stocks paints on the day of the eclipse (photo via Susiehyer).
Peggy Immel gets creative during the Eclipse
Shelby Keefe, “On the Edge of Totality,” 2017, oil on canvas panel, 16 x 12 inches (from Lander, Wyoming) “My painting from memory right after the event. I set up my easel, enjoyed the eclipse, and then immediately proceeded to paint what I remembered. I had a small, very rough image that I captured from a video I took during the 50-second totality I experienced. I was able to re-create what I saw from getting hints from the video capture as well as from my recollection. It was the experience of a lifetime and glad to have made the effort to paint it!”
Catherine Mahoney, “Eclipse,” 2017, oil, (from Hermann, Missouri)
Peggy Wilson, eclipse sketches, pen on paper (from Kansas City, Missouri)
Peggy Wilson, eclipse sketches, pen on paper (from Kansas City, Missouri)
Peggy Wilson, eclipse sketches, pen on paper (from Kansas City, Missouri)
Linda Richichi, eclipse sketches (from Charleston, South Carolina)
Linda Richichi, eclipse sketches (from Charleston, South Carolina)
Linda Richichi, “Eclipse study,” 2017, oil, 6 x 6 inches
Linda Richichi, “Having a Corona on the Beach,” 2017, oil, 36 x 36 inches

Eclipse Chasers: Plein Air Edition (Joshua LaRock, from Franklin, North Carolina)

Publicado por Joshua LaRock em Sexta, 25 de agosto de 2017


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