New York City artist Annamarie Trombetta was recently featured on local cable TV, and the painter says she feels this is part of a natural trend. 

Trombetta was interviewed for 28 minutes by June Middleton, the host of “Minding Your Business,” a local show on Time Warner cable. It aired on May 26, and the segment is available on YouTube here.

The artist was given ample time to talk about her work and her recent projects, and her artwork filled the screen for much of the presentation. Trombetta says this kind of exposure is appropriate and useful to contemporary painters.

“In the 1800s, many artists, such as Frederic Church, would charge people to view their paintings,” says Trombetta. “It became a form of social entertainment, as well as a viewing of a work of art. The motion-picture industry replaced the still image of the artist and her or his special talent to capture images, words and stories, a medium once championed by the masses. In modern day culture, the artist can no longer rely on the gallery, the dealer or museums to give exposure to one’s work. I feel that in the age of television, computers, and social media, it is vital to be as verbal about one’s artwork as possible, thus giving the audience a chance to relate to a still image that in essence is telling a more of a story than meets the eye. The kinship to watching a movie or television program, ingrained within the fabric of our contemporary life and among cultures worldwide, is there. It is equitable to integrate the two.”


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