The homepage of Art and Influence, artist Armand Cabrera’s blog

Why do artists follow Armand Cabrera’s blog?

The Virginia artist has a wealth of experience painting, teaching workshops, and working for the entertainment industry — including the biggest names in both film and gaming. At this point Cabrera clearly has much to offer artists. He also knows that, like all of us, he has more to learn, and Cabrera takes us along with him as he further explores the work of past masters and the opportunities and pitfalls of the fine art world today. Cabrera’s tone is decidedly no-nonsense. He does not mollycoddle. His blog posts are meant to inform. And the information in them is often dense and concise.

This weblog is for artists, illustrators, art enthusiasts, and collectors,” Cabrera writes on the homepage. “My goal is to show my artistic influences and share some insights about my working processes.” Cabrera gets as specific as varnishing tips and as theoretical as “the artist’s role as a professional.” Posts like this one about mixing greens reinforces concepts you learned and perhaps forgot, introduces interesting tidbits about Cabrera’s approach, and pushes a little further and with good examples from Cabrera’s painting archive. The artist also presents past masters one may not know — but should — such as Henryk Hector Siemiradzki and Henry Ossawa Tanner.

At the end of the blog, at the bottom of the left-hand column, Cabrera states, “Knowledge is power.” This is a good summation of the Art and Influence blog’s aesthetic.


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