Using Pastels: Field Studies to Finished Works

Pastel artist Kim Lordier goes on camera with Eric Rhoads to share her field studies and her way of thinking about composition, which is … “untraditional.”

Kim Lordier is leading a session at Pastel Live
Kim Lordier is leading a session at Pastel Live, August 19-21, 2021

In the fall of 2020, Lordier went on a trip to the eastern Sierras with her friend, Ellen Howard, and her sister-in-law, Kathy Lordier, to “chase the fall color.” During this interview, you’ll learn insights on using field studies, creating compositions, and more.

Lordier is on the faculty of the upcoming Pastel Live virtual art conference, taking place August 19-21, 2021 with a beginner’s day on August 18. Save up to $600 by registering before June 20! Visit now to learn more.

Bonus: In Episode 172 of the Plein Air Podcast, Eric interviews Kim Lordier about painting from photo references, creating atmospheric perspective, and more, including:

• How a love for horses inspired her to become an artist
• The moment she became captivated with painting outdoors
• The process she recommends for figuring out what exactly to paint once you set up en plein air (Hint: She creates a notan, which she also explains)
• Tips on creating atmospheric perspective and using contrast
• The advice she received about painting with pastel in order “to be a real artist”

[Listen to the Plein Air Podcast Here]

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  1. Just watched the Kim Lordier video (after the fact) and found it most encouraging. I’ve drawn and painted most of my life, but have always been timid about trying pastels—I don’t know why. I’m a retired physician getting back into the swing of painting and enjoy different media, and I have plenty of pastels in my cabinet, but keep putting off trying them.
    I have watched a few other of your pastel videos by artists who use different approaches. This has really helped me see that there’s not a one and only correct way to do it, so I can stop feeling intimidated! Kim’s work is beautiful and i loved her approach.
    I also appreciated your questions, as they were exactly what came to my mind. Best wishes


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