Alvaro Castagnet watercolor artist
Alvaro Castagnet, watercolor artist

You’ve likely seen the watercolor paintings of Alvaro Castagnet, who has been featured in multiple magazines, art exhibitions, videos, and books (one of which has been translated into four languages), and teaches workshops around the world.

It was a great honor to be seated in the same row at the 7th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo with Alvaro and his wife when he was recognized for his talent and contributions to the world of art, and especially that of watercolor. Together with several hundred artists, we watched a mini-documentary dedicated to Alvaro’s life.

Watch the video below and be inspired; you’ll learn how Alvaro, having fallen in love with art, started working in a studio doing odd jobs, just to be around the art and artists so he could learn more. Today, his goal is to help watercolor as a medium gain the recognition it deserves by pushing it to new levels. “For me,” he says, “the most important thing about painting is the noise, the taste, the smell. As an artist, I give a great deal of attention to get beyond the literal representation of the scene.”

“Art is not intellect. Art is jumping into the unknown. Art is the perfect imperfection.” Alvaro Castagnet (Click here to Tweet this quote!)

Alvaro Castagnet watercolor paintings
“Cafe Brasilero,” watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet
Alvaro Castagnet watercolor paintings
Watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet


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  1. Alvaro castagnet and many so great, fun to work whit aguarelle, i am also catched in water colours. And also others technigue. I am also a dekorpainter. Have a great day


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