Casein painting by Stephen Quiller
Casein painting by Stephen Quiller

Casein paint is a water-soluble medium used by painters; legendary artist Stephen Quiller has painted with it for more than 50 years and has just released a book titled “Casein Painting.” Quiller is most known for his use of color, color theory, and his approach to water media painting.

Before we get started – how do you pronounce casein? “kay-seen”

Quiller uses a variety of other media as well, and discusses painting with casein and more in an interview with Eric Rhoads. Watch the video below, where Quiller shares:

  • The visual qualities and characteristics of casein
  • Which media he uses for painting en plein air versus in the studio
  • The substrates he uses
  • Basic art terms to help you better understand casein and painting in general
  • And more!


Quiller has written many books and produced numerous DVDs pertaining to these subjects, and has a number of top-quality art materials that he endorses. Artists worldwide use his products and books, and his work is collected internationally. Visit his website to learn more:

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  1. Hungarian/American painter Joe Lasker painted in casein and Canadian Leonard Brooks (1911-2011) painted many Mexican scenes and abstracts in the medium of casein. In fact Leonard Brooks wrote a book on casein painting back in the 1950s. Adolf Dehn’s book ‘Watercolour, Gouache and Casein Painting’ is very instructive in the paint handling of these water based media.

  2. As an addendum to my previous comments on Stephen’s casein demo with Eric as host, I recently came across a 6 minute video on casein tempera by Larisa Ivakina Clevenger, posted on Youtube, and part of a longer DVD entitled “Catch of the Day’. Worth checking out as it complements Stephen Quiller’s painterly approach to casein and his choice of subject matter.


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