Casein painting by Stephen Quiller
Casein painting by Stephen Quiller

Casein paint is a water-soluble medium used by painters; legendary artist Stephen Quiller has painted with it for more than 50 years and has just released a book titled “Casein Painting.” Quiller is most known for his use of color, color theory, and his approach to water media painting.

Before we get started – how do you pronounce casein? “kay-seen”

Quiller uses a variety of other media as well, and discusses painting with casein and more in an interview with Eric Rhoads. Watch the video below, where Quiller shares:

  • The visual qualities and characteristics of casein
  • Which media he uses for painting en plein air versus in the studio
  • The substrates he uses
  • Basic art terms to help you better understand casein and painting in general
  • And more!


Quiller has written many books and produced numerous DVDs pertaining to these subjects, and has a number of top-quality art materials that he endorses. Artists worldwide use his products and books, and his work is collected internationally. Visit his website to learn more:

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