– Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today –

Joshua Adam had in mind a triptych depicting a famous rock in Castine, Maine, but when he tried to paint the middle piece of the triptych, he ran into trouble. His solution was creative.

Lead Image: “Trask Rock Triptych,” by Joshua Adam, 2016, oil on board, 12 x 26 in.

The large granite boulder is called Trask Rock, and it features prominently in local legend surrounding the battles at the spot during the Revolutionary War. Adam had no difficulty painting the left and right sides of the rock, but for the middle section, he found he could not gain the proper vantage point for a composition. So he improvised, and painted his feet in front of the boulder.

“I’ve painted the rock many times over the years, so this was a flip take on an old theme,” says Adam. “I usually paint with a board on my lap, so it’s easy to paint my feet.”


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