The answer to the question is undoubtedly the East, but where in relation to the place you are standing, and exactly when will it peek over the hills — and what about the moon? An application for your phone can help a plein air painter on the road know all this in advance. The app, which works on iPhone, Android phones, and in Internet browsers, is called The Photographer’s Ephemeris. It takes into consideration factors such as altitude and elevation. It’s free.

Another view of the app
Another view of the app

Visit the website here to see its many capabilities.


  1. Monhegan Island is a fascinating place to follow the sun because you can walk on trails all around this island to follow the sun!
    I am looking forward to using this app on the island. Early October the light is amazing.

  2. It is a free app if you use it on your desktop. The Apple and Android versions are paid apps.

    I have used TPE for years to help me determine the best locations before going out for a photo shoot.


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