While the Rest of the World Sleeps: 7 Night Paintings

While the rest of the world sleeps, nocturne painters venture out to capture the unique atmosphere and quality of light found when the sun goes down. Although a host of challenges await, from fatigue to seeing values and shapes accurately, the seven paintings featured here prove that rewards abound for those not afraid of the dark.

painting of a sunset
1. “Evening Silence”
Cecy Turner
2021, oil, 15 x 30 in.
Available from artist
Studio from plein air study
nocturne painting of a tree
2. “A Little Glimmer”
Mark A. Vander Vinne
2021, oil, 12 x 9 in.
Private collection
Plein air
Painting of a crab shack
3. “Crab Shack”
Kathleen Gray Farthing
2021, oil, 12 x 9 in.
Available from artist
Plein air
Nocturne painting of a city
4. “After Midnight”
Lori Putnam
2022, oil, 18 x 24 in.
Available from artist
Painting of people at a bar
5. “A Conversation in Blue”
2018, oil, 12 x 9 in.
Private collection
Plein air
painting of a sunset
6. “Point Lobos Day’s End”
Ellen Howard
2020, oil, 12 x 24 in.
Available from Rieser Fine Art
Plein air to studio
Painting of a carousel
7. “Picci Carousel”
Julie Riker
2021, oil, 14 x 18 in.
Private collection

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