Wine, art, music, and small-plate food from area restaurants attract crowds to the event.

The affinity many artists feel for a glass of wine after a long day of painting is well established — Open Box M even sells an accessory that allows a wine glass to hang at the ready on the side of your pochade box. This jolly relationship is well celebrated each summer in Traverse City, Michigan, when 30 artists and 30 wineries conspire to conduct the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival.

Organizers estimate that 5,000 people attended last year’s Traverse City Wine and Art Festival. Karuna Photo

Featured artists at this year’s festival include Kathy Anderson, Lisa Perrine Brown, and Brian McKelvey, and musical artists Rodriguez and The Crane Wives will perform. Last year’s festival attracted nearly 5,000 attendees. For more information, visit the festival’s website.


  1. John Salminen’s slide show critique of the FWS exhibit was most helpful. One of my favorite quotes of his was,”Values do all the work but color gets all the credit.” I also appreciated his choices to include in the exhibit based upon technique AND concept (and sometimes more the content that technique). I’ve always felt that a painting based upon a strong idea (and the artist’s technique still growing) was still a strong painting than just a strong technically painted artwork with little content. Thanks John.

  2. Wonderful coverage of our Paint a Round! It was interesting to have all men artists and that they stayed with the original intent, nice results. Thanks Steve, and also enjoyed your Sunday presentation.

    Sue Reynolds President FWS 2007
    New Smyrna Beach, Fl

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