Painters know they can make money and win awards painting landmarks, cityscapes, pastoral scenes, and marine subjects, but clouds? Yes….

Artists who have visited New Mexico know that the sky there is amazing. It’s an insanely intense, deep blue, and the clouds create wondrous designs and perspective lessons in all directions. Plein Air Painters of New Mexico acknowledged this aspect of their state by holding a Cloud Appreciation Day Online Contest on August 3. While 28 PAPNM members participated in the paint-out and posted digital photos of their pieces to the group’s website, 51 members voted on the winner. Maryann MacGraw’s pastel painting “CloudStory #5” garnered the most votes, earning her a Cloudspotter Gift Box and membership with the Cloud Appreciation Society.

It’s great to see associations have fun. What subject matter should plein air painting groups in your state highlight in a lighthearted competition?


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