Joshua Been painting the morning mist on the rim of the Grand Canyon, from the Colorado artist’s YouTube video

Colorado artist Joshua Been recently posted a video on YouTube that offers something for painters, new collectors, and folks just interested in seeing intrepid artists step to the edge of the precipice. 

Been found some interesting foreground to paint in a Grand Canyon scene.

Been painting on the edge of the canyon

In connection with Been’s participation in the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, Been and a videographer named Brett Carollo chronicled their descent into the canyon for painting plein air. Been manages to include enough useful information to make the piece satisfying to fellow artists, enough razzle-dazzle (a good portion of it provided by the stately Grand Canyon itself) to pull in art collectors, and a narrative that captivates anyone curious about the 277-mile gash in the Earth in Arizona. By the end of the video’s 14 minutes, an art lover may want to buy, a painter will want to visit, and anyone who is afraid of heights or is otherwise intimidated by rigorous hiking may want to check their gut. Check it out.



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