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Last year, PleinAir magazine publisher Eric Rhoads took some painters to Acadia National Park to paint Maine just as peak color hit the trees. The trip was so successful,  he’s doing it again. Join him.

Lead Image: One of the paintings Cynthia Rosen painted during last year’s PleinAir Magazine Fall Color Week in Maine

The event will be held October 7-14, but participants should know that this is primarily an organized outing, not a workshop or fancy event — although there will be lobster. “It’s all about painting. No competition. No show. No drama” is the slogan for the week.

“Between the colors of the landscape, the diverse sites to choose from, the friendships made, and the learning that takes place, Fall Color Week is like a treasure trove for the painter,” says artist Cynthia Rosen, who participated last year.

Acadia National Park is a breathtaking spot on Maine’s coast, noted for its craggy rocks, dramatic waves, and solid timber. Local communities offer picturesque harbors.

The event is sold as a package that includes lodging and food. Only 85 people can be accommodated. For more information, click here.


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