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Jennifer Stottle Taylor, featured in Plein Air Magazine, October/November 2020

We know you can’t get enough of art – especially plein air painting. That’s why we’re going to bring you even more of what you love with a free daily Plein Air Today newsletter!

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Expect to see step-by-step demonstrations, guest blog posts with advice from today’s leading landscape painters, free videos on how to paint elements of the landscape, and more.

We’ll even be including pieces of plein air history so that you can see how you’re part of a bigger movement that’s still carrying on strong – because of artists such as yourself.

Ken Karlic, featured in the PleinAir Magazine article “Sophisticated Chaos” (Dec '21 / Jan '22 issue). Photo by Leah Wells
Ken Karlic, featured in the Plein Air Magazine article “Sophisticated Chaos” (Dec ’21 / Jan ’22 issue). Photo by Leah Wells. Subscribe to the Plein Air Today newsletter for special previews of upcoming issues of Plein Air Magazine, such as the recent “And Here’s to the Next Ten.”

To make sure you’re always in the loop on the latest award-winning paintings, art techniques, and happenings, we’ll send you the Plein Air Today newsletter each weekday, with a special “Week in Review” message on Saturdays in case you missed an important article.

You’ll get incredibly helpful tips and insight on topics such as:

  • How to improve your composition
  • Understanding everything from edges to atmospheric perspective
  • Color mixing, limited palettes, and value
  • The best easels, umbrellas, and brushes for outdoor painters
  • And more!
How to paint landscapes - Artist Jim Wodark
In the Plein Air Today newsletter, we often feature master contemporaries such as Jim Wodark, shown here in the online article “Design Makes all the Difference.”

The change is coming soon, so for now you can enjoy the weekly Plein Air Today. In the meantime, please share this with your friends so that we can continue to strengthen and grow the plein air community!

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