After 10 days of painting the blues of Hawaii, Ed Cahill came home to find fall in full fledge.

Ed Cahill went to Hawaii for 10 days of painting and fun and came back with a bad case of the blues.

“It was amazing, but maybe it was the 10 days of painting and concentration that really affected me,” says the Georgia painter. “The deep saturated purple blue of the ocean there was just so enthralling — not the green of the Atlantic, a much more mysterious and dangerous-looking hue. I painted with my brother Scott, who has a completely different approach — he uses a lot more linseed oil and thicker paint. I thought I was changing his methods, but in the end, he changed some of mine.

“Upon returning I was greeted by fall in all its majesty and opposite hue. I found myself frustrated having to catch up with some business for several days before getting some time to paint. Saturday I was determined to capture some of the glory before it was gone, and I set up not far from my house in the little village of Mountain Park. The lake there kept the color and the leaves on the trees a bit longer than the rest of the area. Using my new formula of a bit more linseed and a bit more paint, I worked to captured the last great gasp of the season.”


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