Still life - painting flowers -

During the recent #stayathome period, we asked you to share paintings and drawings inspired by a variety of creative art prompts that our team created. Have a look at what your peers did while self-isolating, and be inspired.

In this collection, we’re sharing some of our favorite results from the “Spring Blooms” and “Still Lifes” challenge. Enjoy!

Art prompts - painting flowers -
@kabdouch > Poppies in the side yard. Plein air in progress. Oil on board, 9×12. Will have to finish the background after the rain coming in.
Art prompts - painting flowers -
@juliastevens6719 > Good morning practice
“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3. A White Iris is hard!!!!! Watercolor 5 x 7
Art prompts - painting flowers -
@the_aathman > Went out to the landscaping at home after a long time. I was always fond of playing with ants, caterpillars and cats as a kid.

“I remember bringing home a box of caterpillars and waiting for them to turn to butterflies,” says @the_aathman (work shown above). “Surprise, they didn’t. Schooling made me a disconnected man. Years of Martial arts and yoga revived me.

“Experiencing oneness with nature now and then, I’ve started getting that childhood wonder back. I made a 10 minute sketch of a Hibiscus plant with my favourite medium. #conteaparis I’d love to continue on this path.”

Art prompts - painting flowers -
@juliannamwells > The magnolias are starting to blossom – oil on paper

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Art prompts - painting flowers -
@laurel.m > Flowers are meant to be painted, especially outside. The striations in each petal assume the perfect brush stoke. The transparent delicacy of each illuminated by the sun. Thin paint, on canvas or board, allows the same. Edge work and opacity of the creamy oils defines the rest.
I am no expert, this is only my second flower attempted – but so much is learned from the simple sitting with and observation of one flower for many hours as my hand struggles to steady and my eyes begin to see it for what it truly is: Beauty.
Art prompts - painting flowers -
@glenda.c.coleman > Oh to smell sweet magnolia on a hot summer day. Oil on linen, 11×14
Art prompts - painting flowers -
@alejandragos > Today’s load of color coming at you. Brace for impact! Pastel on pastelmat.
Art prompts - painting flowers -
@carriepillart > When life gives you lemons…

“When everything initially hit the fan, I started painting more, a lot more,” says Carrie Pill (@carriepillart). “Initially I was charged by the urgency to do something, to provide for my little family if I could, to put food on our table. With the incredible support of you, my collectors, I found I still could and I did. I am so grateful for you.

“What was equally as uplifting was when you reminded me that by sharing my art and process, I could make others smile during these tough times. You also reached out to me with questions about making art. If I had any part in motivating you to create art, I am so pleased. I know first hand how therapeutic it is for us, especially now.

“And some days my friends, with so much up in the air, I just do it because I need it. Because I don’t know what else to do. It’s true, I’ve been trying to make the most of this strange time but some days have been much harder than others. Those days I head into the studio and put to work my hands, my heart and materials. I am so lucky to have an outlet built right into my work. It’s hard to feel worse on the other side of a studio day. I hope you like this new painting called “Making Lemonade.” I hope you all are hanging in there. ♥️, Carrie”

Painting still life -
@senatorovaart > “A teacup with green apples and lemons” oil on belgian linen board, 14” x 11”
Still life - painting flowers -
@leighsutherlinart > First sweet peas of the season
Still life - painting flowers -
@stephanie_bayliff_art > Just finished a quick study of Irises in oils on a piece of scrap watercolor paper primed with clear gesso.
Yesterday my daughter pointed out that most all of my framed paintings are landscapes. I looked around my studio and quickly realized she was right. So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone.
Still life - painting flowers -
@vrushaleejoshi > Beer and chips 🍺
This was our first critique session assignment, which was yesterday. Was exhausted after finishing this painting.
Oil on Canvas. Size 12*×12*
Still life - painting flowers -
@pritesh_rangole > Abanded vegetable shop, Oil on board, 8×10 inches

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  1. Thank you so much for giving us the inspiration and what a great little surprise for my birthday (6 hours from now) to find my piece featured! I’m grateful to have lived to see it!

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    Thank you.


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