An artist paints at the Publisher’s Invitational, an annual event in the Adirondacks in June that sold out last year

With plein air painting’s increasing popularity, it’s easy to overlook an event in your area or in a place you plan to visit in 2015. PleinAir magazine and are trying to help with this. The solution

PleinAir is currently putting together the second annual Ultimate Artists’ and Collectors’ Guide to Plein Air Events and Organizations. It will be printed in the upcoming December/January issue of PleinAir magazine, and, like last year’s edition, artists and collectors will refer to it all year long.

It’s free to get an organization or an event listed, but you have to meet the deadline. Click here to submit a listing. The deadline is October 28.

Hundreds of events and organizations will be listed, so it helps to stand out in some way. The magazine’s advertising staff has special rates for people who want to have a display ad in the guide. The page to find out more is the same as above


The guide is useful — heck, the PleinAir magazine editorial staff uses it all the time. Be a part of it.


  1. Thank you for writing about Thomas S. Buechner. I purchased his book several years ago and have read and re-read it. He surely must have been a great friend to have.

  2. Thomas Buechner’s book is always at the front of my studio book shelf where I can easily refer to it. What a delightful man and what a legacy he has left to the painting world.

  3. saw a large collection of thomas buechner in a corning art gallery ,while on a vacation / painting trip in the finger lakes area a couple years ago . the gallery new mr. buechner and his family and told me many stories about him and his work. i bought several of his books which i still inspire me .

    i wish i could have met him , he seemed like the kind of guy i would enjoyed painting with . most important tho’ , i could have learned a great deal from him .

    t.s.buechner admirer,

    [email protected] –


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