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  1. Hello!
    I write about the arts for a variety of publications — and have two ideas that might be of interest. The Florence Griswold Museum is in the process of developing a $1 million trail on the property that will have stops that retrace the works of famous American Impressionist Artists who summered on the property 100 years ago. It will be finished this summer in time for the annual Old Lyme outdoor arts festival — a great extravaganza in a jewel box of a Connecticut town. I’m sure you have background on the Flo Gris–but this major expansion adds to a wonderful legacy.
    And as a separate idea — the two homesteads, Olana, and Thomas Cole’s home will be united by bridge access this year — offering visitors to both places the opportunity to take in the views these artists painted, and to delve into the ideas that led to the development of so many Hudson River estates. Olana is Church’s great masterpiece, of course, but what is perhaps most remarkable is that many of the scenes that attracted him can still be experienced.
    You can access a story I did on Church last year for Antiques &The Arts (online) as well as many other articles on the arts. I’ll hope to hear from you. Best wishes, Kristin Nord

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