EXHIBITION: Jon Redmond and Michael Doyle

“Blue Bays,” by Jon Redmond

Two instructors at the Wayne Art Center, both alumni of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, are showcased in a show at the center through January 28.

Redmond is well known among plein air painters on the East Coast. Although he paints outdoors, he is more closely aligned with the ideas of the Perceptual Painters, a group that paints from observation but puts more emphasis on expressive depictions than many plein air painters do.

Doyle is a fellow traveler. “It is the blending of two natures that gives life to my paintings: the nature we see around us, and the nature of the human soul,” says Doyle. “I am always amazed at how a few colors placed side by side in the right place, the right order, and the right tone, complete the illusion.”

For more information, go here. The Wayne Art Center is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania.


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