“Nighttime Arrival”
Watercolor on Paper
11 x 16 in.

About Brienne:
Much to her mother’s indignation, Brienne owned little clothing that was not covered in paint.  From a very young age, Brienne showed talent in art and music, but wanted to pursue a career in the sciences.   However, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, she soon found that art was more than a hobby, it was a necessity.   After leaving her job as a toxicologist to raise her first child in 2008, Brienne had the opportunity to paint more consistently.   Soon she was not only exhibiting and entering shows regularly, but also winning awards.   Brienne holds signature membership for the Utah Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.  Her work has been published in several prominent art magazines, including Plein Air Magazine and Watercolor Artist.  Also, her work will be featured in the upcoming Splash 17 Publication: Best of Watercolor, Inspiring Subjects.

Website:  www.briennembrown.com
Phone:  801.755.4933
E-mail:  [email protected]
Upcoming Plein Air Events: 
2016 Wayne Plein Air Festival Exhibition at the Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA   May 14 – June 25
2016 Easels in Frederick in Frederick, MD   June 13-18


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