“Foggy Day At Selby”

watercolor on paper

10 x 14 in.
First Place, Light Chasers Annual Member Show
About the Artist:
A chance meeting with an artist working in the field introduced me to the world of plein air painting. I fell in love with it. Now I prefer to paint en plein air. Temperature and humidity are challenges when I am working outdoors. I am rewarded if I feel that I capture the light, mood, or essence of a place. That is my successful day.
I love to feature that which seems to be slipping away; endangered places, whether historic or part of our natural world.I have been an artist all my life. Over the last 25 years I have found myself working harder to hone my skills. I began painting with oils but now I paint almost exclusively with watercolor. I am largely self- taught and love to learn. I learn from workshops, DVDs, books and other painters.
I also teach watercolor. I was a public school art teacher and teach classes and workshops for art organizations. Teaching helps me understand that knowing how to teach is as much a skill as painting. Teaching helps me be a better painter.

I exhibit in local and regional shows in Michigan and Florida. Most of my paintings are completed en plein air. If I return to paint in the studio, I try to finish soon after being at the site so I still feel those moments and that place.
What is most important to me is creating “masterful” paintings. I want to paint with confidence. I strive for good compositions, strong gestural brush strokes, and accurate values. My most successful paintings have all these qualities. This year I also took First Place in the Punta Gorda Quick Draw and received an award at the Ringling Englewood “Nature’s Reflections” show, both in Florida. I will be painting in Michigan soon and will be entering competitions there. Winning these awards gave me just the push I need to work harder and take part in regional and national competitions. I hope you see my work out there!
Light Chasers: Plein Air Painters of the Sun Coast www.lightchasersinc.com Plein Air Painters of West Michigan paawm.org
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