“Tree in Front”
Oil on panel
9 x 12�
Available at www.przewodek.com

“Color that expresses the light key of nature can make any subject strikingly beautiful.”

About the artist:

Plein-air colorist Camille Przewodek is an acknowledged authority on color and a much sought after instructor who annually teaches painting workshops across the country, and offers regular weekly classes close to home at her studio in Northern California. A nationally known artist, she is one of a handful of contemporary exponents of the Cape School approach to capturing light in painting.

Contact Information:

Website: www.przewodek.com
Color Blog: www.camilleprzewodek.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone (9am-8pm, Pacific Time): 707.762.4125

Upcoming Events and Workshops in 2015:

Jun 16-18, 3-Day Outdoor Figure Intensive, Los Altos CA
Jun 22-26, Color Boot Camp, Paso Robles CA
Jul 20-24, Color Boot Camp, Easton MD
Aug 3-5, 3-Day Landscape, Carmel CA
Aug 10-14, Color Boot Camp, Petaluma CA
Sep 14-18, Cape School of Art, Provincetown MA

Ongoing weekly landscape and figure classes (see website for updated schedule and details).


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