“Among the Cottonwoods”
Oil on linen

“Among the Cottonwoods” is one of Jason Tako’s latest paintings. Based upon Golden Section proportions, the pattern of the cottonwoods leads the eye across the painting to the pair of Shiras Moose that were seen in Grand Teton National Park. More patterns are seen behind the moose in the distant tree trunks. The fallen branch on the left echoes the angle of the moose’s neck. In the foreground the sage is painted with thick strokes of impasto paint applied in an abstract manner in order to create an interesting texture up close that blends into a realistic suggestion as the viewer steps back.

Jason Tako, one of the latest up and coming artists to hit the representational art scene, is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists, and a recipient of numerous national awards and recognition. Among the awards he has received include First Place Quick Draw and The Plein Air Magazine Award of Excellence at Plein Air Camp Hill, Best Architectural and Vanishing Landscape Award at Plein Air Easton, Award of Excellence at NatureWorks, and the Western Art Collector Magazine Editor’s Choice Award at the Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition. Jason is represented by Highlands Art Gallery in Lambertville, PA, Lord Nelson’s Gallery in Gettysburg, PA, and Weiler House Fine Art Gallery in Fort Worth, TX.

See more of his work at www.JasonTako.com.


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