16 x 20 in.


About the Artist:
Robert J. Simone has always felt a certain reverence for the art of painting. So, it seems natural to him that so many people cherish the original paintings they own.  Robert also feels that most people appreciate paintings which exhibit skill yet leave something to the imagination.  So, when aspiring to a career in fine art, Robert sought the help of creative people whose work was both expressive and masterful. 

He received his training through workshops with painters Scott L. Christensen, Stapleton Kearns, Anthony Ryder, Clayton Beck III, Mary Erickson, Jason Sacran and others.  He has also received mentoring and advice from his friend, yacht designer Charley Morgan and his cousin artist/restoration expert Donald Boncela.    

What has emerged is a painterly style distinguished by readability, crisp clean colors and freely expressive brushwork.  As a result Robert participates in both juried and invitational shows and plein air competitions throughout the nation.



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