Watercolor artist Joseph Zbukvic
Above: Internationally-known watercolor artist Joseph Zbukvic

Enjoy this interview with Eric Rhoads and Joseph Zbukvic, who shares a watercolor lesson and takes us on an exclusive tour of his amazing studio! Coming soon, Zbukvic will give a more in-depth painting demonstration during the virtual art conference Watercolor Live, January 2021.

Watercolor Live is a rare opportunity to see the world’s top artists teaching in one place. This virtual art conference includes training, critiques, roundtables, community, painting, and more.

Watercolor painting how-to - Joseph Zbukvic
In-progress shot of Zbukvic’s painting demo given during the Facebook Live interview with Eric Rhoads

Bonus: Listen to PleinAir Podcast Episode 111, featuring Joseph Zbukvic on the Evolution of Watercolor and More. Listen as Zbukvic shares the following:
• What can be done to increase the value of art and paintings, and how education is a part of the equation
• One of the reasons his workshops fill so quickly, and his upcoming demonstration at the Plein Air Convention & Expo
• His word of warning about the “traps” that your can fall into while trying to developing your own style
• Reflections on international cultures that have given him newfound confidence in the health of art as we know it, and the continuing evolution of watercolor

“You don’t decide to become an artist. It chooses you…I was a fortunate one to be chosen.” ~ Joseph Zbukvic


Remember to join us at Watercolor Live, January 28-30, 2021 (with a Beginner’s Day on January 27)!

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