glasswork lamp inspired by plein air painting
One of Robert's lamps, inspired by plein air painting. His works include hand-painted and kiln-fired glass lamps and lighting, and original watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings.

“I am blessed to have art as my livelihood,” said Robert Stump. “Over many years I have developed glassworking techniques that have enabled me to produce landscapes with art glass. Layers of heat-fused glass powders, flakes, frits, and vitreous paints are used to create these pieces. I am constantly working on new ways to manipulate the medium and call these ‘glassscapes.” These works find their way into my windows, entryways, lighting, and other creations.

“By painting en plein air I am able to better understand the landscape. Values, color, overall compositions, and ideas are derived from my small paintings. These motifs eventually are employed in my glasswork. It is amazing how much memory can be recalled and acted upon after you have observed something firsthand. I feel this helps to give my work honesty and authenticity.”

A glasswork piece titled "Transom Birches & Lake" by Robert Stump
A glasswork piece titled “Transom Birches & Lake” by Robert Stump
Landscape painting by Robert Stump
Landscape painting by Robert Stump

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