loonies and toonies for painting en plein air

We love to hear from the Plein Air Today community! The following is part of a series that spotlights an artist who loves painting outdoors.

A Random Act of Kindness

Submitted by Julie E. Hunt of Alberta, Canada

One spring day at a plein air event with the Lethbridge Artists Club (LAC), I had my wet palette all set to go with my water-mixable oils all squeezed out on the palette parchment paper, which when wet usually stays put on the palette until this very day …

A huge gust of wind took that palette paper up in the air, then it landed smack dab upside down on the lovely green grass. It was a gooey mess that I needed to clean up!

Painter Julie Strong, along with a few other LAC members, came to my rescue saying they had “the perfect solution” for me and handed me quarters as well as Loonies and Toonies (Canadian coins) to place on my parchment paper once it was placed back right side up in my wet Guerilla palette box.

The weight of the coins worked perfectly by holding the paper down and allowing me to continue to paint. It saved my plein air day! Thanks, Julie and LAC company! Baby wipes worked on the stained grass. 🙂 If you look closely you can see two Canadian Toonies holding the right lower corner of my palette paper down. Since then I have found binder clips work well to keep the paper down attached to the side of the palette.

*The University of Lethbridge Jim Coutts Centre Plein Air Day near Nanton, Alberta, Canada, organized by Jon Oxley


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