Art memes - paint brushes

Just for fun – fill in the blank! How many paint brushes do you own?

We asked our friends on Instagram and Facebook, and we’re loving all the answers!

“Goodness gracious, I haven’t counted them but way, way more than B 😂😂😂 and I love them!” ~ Auli O.

“I’d have to say C yep definitely C. And I think she knows but she hasn’t said anything…..yet.” ~ J. Kenneth G.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many! But who’s counting? Always needing new brushes! I even keep the bad ones!” ~ Becky H.

So what’s your answer? Comment below and join the conversation!


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  1. I have about a hundred oil brushes and one watercolor brush. The oil brushes are mostly filberts and brights of varying sizes. The reason for having so many is so that when I’m looking for a certain size and shape brush I almost always have an unused brush of the size and type I’m looking for.

    Just one brush for watercolors–a large sumi-e brush. You can use it for anything from narrow lines to broad washes.

  2. We are a house of brush addicts! I’m quite sure that if I tried to count, it would be well over 100, and I’d probably keep on finding more tucked away.

  3. I still have my brushes from art school from 1969-70!

    Altogether, I probably have over 100 brushes in various shapes and sizes, most not expensive ones. You can never have too many paint brushes, pocket knives, flashlights, or fishing rods.

    But I’m a singleton, so nobody complains, not even my dog.

  4. I have probably around 100 brushes of varying sizes and shapes but i have about 10-12 that are my favourites! I call them my default brushes!! I must admit that i cannot walk into an Art store without buying at least 1 brush. I may just need it! hahaha

  5. I think I have about 50 watercolor brushes and about 100 oil/acrylic brushes. When painting in oil or acrylics I tend to use about 6-8 brushes max from start to finish. And when painting in watercolors, I may use 3 at most. Seems almost like a waste, but I can’t seem to pass up Art Stores for art supplies or Home Depot’s for woodworking.

  6. Brushes make the mark, and the wrong brush makes the wrong mark, so it’s ok to own many brushes, also you may need the same mark with different paint, and having 6 of the same brush let’s each have its own color, saving time. Washing out a brush for the next color leaves a little bit of thinner in the brush which dilutes the paint and changes it’s flow. It’s ok to keep worn out brushes but if all you have is a worn out brush it may not make the mark you’re looking for so then you need a new brush. Shipping costs the same for one brush or 12, so save money by buying by the dozen!

    • “Right” / even a bad brush -or old brush maybe just the right one this time / or maybe a special cut or trim for the brush to be unique to/for me.
      “The really sad letter is A”

        • Plus 18 =169
          Just happened to see 18 more in a wax container on the kitchen table I know there is more, just where will they show up next?
          Travel bags- short rides plein-air or ?
          Truth be told – There is no “C” here –
          I look for various implements –

  7. Probably close to a couple of hundred, or more. I just ordered 30 more this week. I keep immaculate care of my brushes, but somehow, I always order more whenever my favorites go on sale! And I never, ever throw one away.

  8. Probably more than I should have. But I LOVE brushes! I decided to count them just for fun. I counted 872. Many are duplicates because when I find a brush I like I get multiplies. I paint in oil & paint various subjects: animals, land/sea/cityscapes, portraits & flowers. Pretty much anything. Like John Hines says, it’s nice to have a brush for each color. I don’t wash my brushes until I’m done.

  9. I have plenty of brushes. I finally found some brushes that fit how I paint. I will continue to buy a generous supply of them because I know they will be discontinued and no longer available to me. And brushes do wear out.
    What I have too many of is brushes that don’t do the job. It took a lot of years for the industry to invent what I needed. I’ve even made my own brushes. Quantity is irrelevant. Functionality is everything.

  10. Well over 100 and I’m, sigh, not able to throw any out! I just keep hanging onto them. Using a new brush is special however…it gives me a lift and adds something to my creativity.
    Sparks it so I’m guessing it’s a good idea for me to buy new brushes now and then.


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