Plein air sketch to studio painting - Eric Rhoads and Michael Holter
Eric Rhoads and Michael Holter on Art School Live

On taking your plein air sketch to a finished studio painting > Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring watercolor artist Michael Holter!

Michael recently came out with the art video workshop “Watercolor From Photos,” which you can preview here.

Watch Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, featuring Michael Holter: “From Plein Air Sketch to Studio Painting” >>>


About the Artist: Michael Holter is an award-winning artist who works in watercolor and oil who’s paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in the US and several foreign countries. Although Michael has been painting most of his life, his work experience spans a wide range of creative challenges. He has been an art teacher, creative director and businessman in both fine art and commercial art. Michael has owned and operated galleries and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education and an MA in Visual Communication.

Michael is a member of the Salmagundi Club, a signature member of The National Watercolor Society, The American Impressionist Society, The Watercolor Honor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society of America, The Outdoor Painter Society, the Southwestern Watercolor Society, The Missouri Watercolor, The Society of Watercolor Artists and more.

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How to paint with watercolor - Watercolor Live 2022

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